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Interview with Roger Federer

Roger, how do you analyse what went wrong today?
I mean, what went wrong? That is a weird question but no problem I get it. When you lose always something is wrong I guess. But, no, I mean look it was a good week for me. I think I played alright. I can definitely play better. But for the most part you play as good as you can and, you know, the conditions were cold, so it clearly played a bit different than in warm weather. But I thought today it was decided like how it is often the one who wins the bigger points wins the match. And I think the key maybe in hindsight was trying to make that first-set tiebreaker. I had more chances throughout the set, I had chances at 6-4 I think in the breaker and I just feel that somehow I should try to win it or should have won it. I didn’t so it cost my maybe dearly at some point in the third set. But, you know, credit to him to play really really quality tennis at the very end of that first set and then, you know, in the third as well he never really dropped his level and that was it. So, it was an unfortunate match for me but credit to Borna to really come out and play a tough match today.
Looking forward to Wimbledon, sometimes is it a relief? I know you obviously want to win, but is it a relief sometimes to go to the next tournament with less pressure on you, less expectation that you are going to beat everybody?
What’s the relief?
Looking forward whether it takes the pressure off of you?
To have lost today?
Yes, as opposed to everyone expects you to win every match?
No, no, no, I prefer to win, always.
I figured that.
There you go, there you have it. Nothing new. No, look winning is always good. Losing should hurt and it does a little bit because I actually thought I played maybe my best match of the week today. You know I actually wasn’t playing badly, it just didn’t go my way. So, it’s a bit unfortunate there. But, I’m definitely going to leave with my head high, thinking it’s been a good run, Stuttgart and here and I’m definitely looking forward to some recovery time now next week and just some easy preparation and all that and just, you know, really going to love going to Wimbledon. And being the defending champion always creates pressure. So regardless of whether I won or lost here I will be one of the favourites there. But all of that stuff doesn’t matter I just really need to make sure I play great tennis from the get-go and hopefully I can do that there again.
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