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Interview with Dominic Thiem

How was the game? It was your first match on the grass this year. How did you feel?
Yes, it was tricky. I started the match good actually because I was serving amazing. But from the baseline I had my problems. It was tough to control the ball and do the right shot obviously because it was the first match on this surface. Then, when I couldn’t serve it out I had the problems at 5-6 when I took the set point. But then from the tiebreak on I also started to play better from the baseline and the second set was very good. And, in general, I’m really happy because he already had two matches here, he qualified, he’s a good player on this surface in general, and for me it was the first match in the season on this surface. So, it was a good win.
Between the first and the second set you asked for a medical time-out. Is something bothering you?
No. I played a lot of matches lately and I always feel the knee a little bit when I change from clay to grass but it’s no problem at all. When the knee is used to grass the pain is gone. But it was just to take a little bit pressure off.
You are going to play Sugita now. You only played him once last year but on clay. How do you think it’s going to go?
Well, I think that his favourite surface is grass. So, it’s going to be very tough. He’s playing flat and returning well and it’s tough for me against these players to hurt them on this surface because they don’t give you a lot, they play flat, long. So, they make it really difficult for you to hurt them and that is what’s going to be tough against them. And he also played a good match today. So, he’s in a good shape. So, it’s going to be a close match on Wednesday.
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