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Interview with Kei Nishikori

after his win against Dominic Thiem

A tough first match on grass today. How did you feel out there? How did you feel about your game?
Kei Nishikori: Yes, it was tough because he’s a good player. He has a decent serve for his height and it wasn’t easy. I was struggling a little but overall I think I played well. I broke his serve first game. There were some ups and downs but still it was a good match for my first match on grass. We could have gone on to a third set. So, I’m very happy to have won in two sets today.
On the grass, is there one shot that you pick and say you’re going to use that far more than you probably do on a clay court?
Kei Nishikori: I think the serve is more important than on other courts. I was feeling good with my serve. You know, I wanted to come in a little more like last point, it was good to give him a little pressure, to come in to the net. Sometimes the bounce is really low here so it’s important to stay short points.
What do you think about Thiem and his game? He’s a young player.
Kei Nishikori: Like I said he has a good serve and also great backhand, beautiful backhand. For sure, he’s going to be Top 10 soon. We played first time and it was on grass. So, it’s not easy to see how much he can play. Like the score shows it was a tough match. So, I’m sure he’s going to become a good player soon.
Next round it’s Dustin Brown. What do you know about him? How do you manage his big serve?
Kei Nishikori: I actually never played him. So, for sure it’s going to be a tough match. But he’s not like a normal player, he can play good tennis and sometimes he can be a laugh. So, I need to concentrate a little more than today. I know he has a good serve and great touch and he’s also a great doubles player. So, it’s going to be tough on grass court.
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