28th NOVENTI OPEN June 12th to 20th 2021

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Interview with Roger Federer

Roger, two quick sets. Are you pretty much ready to go?
Yes, I mean, I’m ready for anything but of course I’ll take it. I always knew going into the match it was not going to be the same like yesterday in terms of the way the points were going to be constructed and played. I knew it was going to be more like against Tsonga in the second round where there is more first-strike tennis. Maybe tomorrow I can expect again more like the Bautista Agut match, tough baseliner, moves super-fast and that’s where his qualities lie, you know, to be able to dominate the baseline. So, I think today was good. I was better in first-strike tennis, I was able to stay out of trouble on my serve and utilise my chance when I had then on the return. So, I was very happy.
Do you think playing on clay has helped you hit through ball more on grass?
Not sure. It’s been okay so far. I mean look, it was good for as long as it lasted the clay court season. Now I’m not sure if I feel particularly better, you know, this year on the grass than last year …
You might push the ball more? Do you think that has changed?
Let’s talk in Wimbledon. Let’s see how things go there. Because in Wimbledon honestly that’s more of a court where you can play more baseline tennis. I know we had longer rallies yesterday, yesterday was me more slicing and then trying to hit big on the forehand. I think at Wimbledon you could really have some proper rallies. This is maybe where it’s going to help me all of a sudden that I did play on clay. But at the end of the day you can still figure it out with clay or no clay. So far, I’m very happy. You know, my game is there where I want it to be.
What makes this final special to you, memories? It is your thirteenth?
Yes, exactly. It’s just that it is another final on top of all the finals that I’ve played here, that I get another chance after last year's loss against Coric, I get a chance a year later because after my loss here last year I didn’t know if I was going to ever be in another Halle final. You know, you always leave with a bitter sweet taste where you had a good tournament and yet you’re frustrated you lost the finals. So, I'm happy I’ve got another opportunity to win this tournament I like so much, and of course it will be special to win a tournament for the first time ten times. But, you know, somebody tough is going to be there in the final to make my life difficult. So, I’m really just going to be trying to focus on the match. I know it sounds boring but that’s what I’ve got to do, block out all the rest, and I did that exactly today as well. I was just really focused, a point for point mentality. I think that is what’s going to get me over the line tomorrow.
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