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Interview with Roger Federer

How difficult was it to play the match? How hard did you have to work?
It was different today than it was yesterday, even though the score was the same. It was more baseline, you know, than serve and volley yesterday from the opponent. It was a pity I could not maintain the break advantage I created in the first game, that was my big goal this morning to come out of the blocks fast and good and protect the lead, I couldn’t do that. And then honestly I think we both went on a pretty good role of not dropping serves anymore. It was just hard to break for a while and I played a good breaker again like yesterday. I think that was crucial. I’ve been very successful playing breakers here in Halle in the last years and then Kudla had a good chance in the second when he had 0-30. So, I think that was a big hold for me and key to win that second set. So, I’m actually very happy, you know, it’s not easy to play here. It plays pretty quick, especially when you serve well. I already felt that throughout the whole week. So, I’m happy I found a way again to win today.
In terms of your performance how happy are you now and looking forward also to Wimbledon? If you would like to do an outer critic what is going well and if you still have to fine tune some aspects?
I’m very happy. Look, I’ve never played back to back finals on grass like this in pre-leading up events before Wimbledon. So, this is a first for me. I’m very happy having won Stuttgart and now making another finals here in Halle is great. I would have taken that any day a month ago. So, the comeback has been rather successful for me. I don’t have time to change anything for tomorrow. So, I’ll just go in tomorrow. I’m not going to hit the practice courts this afternoon. I’m just going to warm up really well tomorrow so I’m ready for a tough finals against Bautista Agut or Coric and I just hope I can find my best game. Like I announced early in the week you usually start playing your best towards the end. So, I’m very hopeful that tomorrow I’m going to play a good finals.
Obviously you are happy with the results but there are a lot of people who are wondering maybe something is bothering you on the court. Are there other things that are getting in the way of your focus and concentration?
No, very clearly no, there is nothing and even if there was I was not going to tell you (laughs). This is very clear because I don’t want to help you out and I don’t want to help my opponents out but I am very happy in my life, I’m very much at peace. Hitting a ball out of the stadium for me is like in practice happens every other day. So, this doesn’t happen very much on live TV but I actually think it’s quite funny and quite comical and it makes me smile on the inside and it gives us something else to talk about as well rather than only talking about break points and stuff. No, but it’s a tough court. There is a lot of bad bounces here. So you can’t be frustrated but I think in the second set I was able to shake that off and just tell myself, ‘just don’t get too mad.’ You know, it’s going to happen, it happened to him, too, the last game 0-15, I hit a return to the baseline, he can’t move to it because the ball basically bounced, I don’t know, sideways and he’s down 0-30 instead of maybe going 15 all. So, is he going to complain, is he disappointed? Yes, he is. But he’s not going to show it and I tried to do the same going forward here. So, no, I’m very happy. Look, I just really want to do well. I really want to win. So, I have a winner mentality and for that sometimes I get a bit disappointed or frustrated but I’m very happy like I explained, very positive. I had a great run, couldn’t be happier right now. So, everything’s good really.
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