28th NOVENTI OPEN June 12th to 20th 2021

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Statements by Roger Federer

Roger Federer about the GERRY WEBER OPEN and his victories on lawn:
"I have had unspeakable success here in Halle. The outcome is fantastic, I didn't really think something like this could happen. Halle was always a starting point for a good and successfull Wimbledon campaign. To win seven times in Halle and also in Wimbledon - that's no coincidence. Especially at the last GERRY WEBER OPEN I really got going and was able to achieve a whole new level. I even don't look back to my defeat in the finals against Novak Djokovic in dismay or anger. I played a good match, was close to winning. There were many a worse defeat in my career."
Roger Federer on playing Philipp Kohlschreiber in his first match:
"It's a shame that one of us has to go so soon. I would of course have wished for a different draw. But this is also a good test for me. If I win this match I know that I'm in-form. Because I can only beat Philipp if I'm in best-form. He is one of the best players on lawn and he has shown that often enough in Halle. We have already met in quarter-finals and finals here - so why not first time round this year."
I'm always impressed by what has been built up over the last years. The tournament is getting to be a classic.
Roger Federer on the longer season and the new status of the GERRY WEBER OPEN:
"It's good for all players to have an extra week in between the Grand Slams. This means much less stress, not so much hurry at this stage of the season. It's great for Halle to be in the 500s ATP now and it's well deserved. I'm always impressed by what has been built up over the last years. The tournament is getting to be a classic."
Roger Federer on the special highlights of HalleWestphalia:
"It's so wonderfully different to everywhere else. In Shanghai you need one and a half hours to get to the court from the hotel, in London one hour, in Paris at least half an hour. And here? I'm on the training or Centre Court in one minute. I just enjoy all of these days without the hectic of the big cities. I even can gain some strenth even if I'm playing."
Roger Federer on his chances on the title at the 23. GERRY WEBER OPEN:
"It's a tough field with a lot of players who are all capible of winning. All is possible in world-tennis - as we've seen in the last weeks. You don't get the famous easily won opponents or matches anymore."
Roger Federer on his friends' victory at the French Open:
"Stan showed a fantasic performance and won highly deserved. Even though I lost to Stan in the quarter-finals watching was a very emotional thing for me. I was very pleased for him to play at such a high standard all the way through."
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