28. NOVENTI OPEN  12. – 20. Juni 2021

TICKET CENTER 05201 81 80
Montag, Mittwoch und Freitag 12-13 Uhr
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Interview mit Roberto Bautista Agut

Roberto, not an easy match against someone who was in the semi-finals here last year. Where did you feel you managed to turn things around?
Well, I had some chances. He missed some first serves and I could connect some really good returns with his second serve and I could turn the match there.
Generally, how has this week been for you so far? You had a tough week at the French Open. How has this week been for you, how are you feeling here?
Well, I came here to prepare Wimbledon and to get ready to be as fit as possible there. Well, I think I’m doing well. I’ve played already three matches and I feel I'm playing good on grass. So, it’s been great.
How pleased are you with your performance today?
I think I didn’t feel as good as in the last matches but well I could fight, I could play maybe my best tennis I could feel today and well I think in the last six or seven games in the match I played a very good level.
We could see that you are a family guy. You sang the happy birthday song on court. Is that something that makes you stronger as well as Federer also keeps repeating that his family makes him stronger?
Yes, I think it’s her day so I wanted to do something she could remember all her life. So, I think it was nice moment.
Was it your daughter?
No? Your cousin?
You don’t know your next opponent yet. They are out there playing now, either Borna or Andreas. What do you make of them? And how are you going to prepare for the match?
I have to recover well now, to get some time to be fit for tomorrow. I’ll watch the match of course on TV. I think both players are playing very good. Borna has won two really good matches and Andreas has a very good record on this court. So, I think they have a tough match now. And I will be ready for tomorrow of course.
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